Digi One SP over a T1 connection

We are using this device to connect to some lab equipment that is in another building but connects to software in our main site. has anyone used this device over a WAN connection (1.544K dedicated). Any help would be helpful.

I don’t think you’ll have any problem with the bandwidth available. If it were a 56k or 128k line you’d want to tailor the speed of the driver (if using Realport), but above that speed you should be fine. Realport also has network outage survivability, so it will reconnect and continue whatever it was doing when the network comes back.

If you’re using this in some sort of native mode like reverse telnet, you’d want to enable TCP Keepalive and set it to minimum values, so if there’s a network interruption you’d be able to free up the serial port on the Digi and reconnect to it.