Auto configuration of Xbee Zigbee End-device.

Hello everyone,

How can I auto -configure an Xbee ZB module to connect as an end device or router to my existing Zigbee PAN remotely?

I thought of two options:

  1. The co-ordinator scans the network periodically to see if any unconfigured or new devices are in the PAN and configures them accordingly.

  2. The ZB module announces it’s presence once it is turned on. In that way the co-ordinator can avoid polling. Sort of like an interrupt but not exactly.

Which of the two options is viable and what commands should I have to issue ?

NB: The configuration should be done remotely with no human intervention.


See the XBee Pro user manual, chapter 3 - End Device Operation. The first two sections are on discovering ZB networks and joining a network.