aw24-g300 factory reset

AnyWhereUSB 24+ switch

Brian Shade 15:34, Apr 20
License manager servers were not able to access their USB keys about 3 PM, 4/17/2020, I’ve sent “Defect Questions” to the product specialist and ordered two replacement devices from Digi-Key, however, these are not schedule to arrive till Wed. April 22.

After unplugging the switch and waiting 15 minutes, plugging in the switch again, all 24 USB port lights activate (White) as well as Fan1, Fan2, User, WWan1 Service WWAN1 Signal Wi-Fi-Service are all amber. Does this indicate the device has completely failed and is unrecoverable?

Is there a “Reset” button according to the documentation to force a “Factory Reset”?

Connecting Serial port yields no results, just blank screen.

Hi and welcome to Digi Forum!

The reset button usage is explained in the following sections pf AWUSB plus userguide:|_____5|_____6

So, I would suggest you to try that and see if it helps.

If still issue, we would need to further investigate, but Forum is not the right place for this kind of troubleshooting and I woul sugegst you to send us an email to for further help.

Kind Regards,

Digi Technical Support Team