Bidirectional IO Line Passing


I wish to use two XB24-API-001 to send digital signals to each other.

Ideally unit A would detect on digital pin 0 and transmit this to unit B, which would output a High/Low value. And equally unit B would detect on digital pin 1 and transmit to unit A which would output High/Low value on digital pin 1.

Is this possible?


Yes it is and there is even directions both in the Knoledgebase and in the product manual on how to perform that function.

This video was very helpful for me when attempting to make use of this feature:

I would imagine it is possible to transmit sample both ways by configuring each device as both sender and receiver as detailed within.

I believe for your example the following settings would be appropriate:

On unit A: Detect changes on DIO0
IC = 0x01
D0 = 3
D1 = 4 or 5

On unit B: Detect changes on DIO1
IC = 0x02
D0 = 4 or 5
D1 = 3

Ensure that both units allow the other to cause changes on the IO pins, that is the IA setting on each contains either the MY of the other unit, or 0xFFFF for any unit.

The video also details sending regular samples rather than just samples on change, which may be what you’re looking for.

I hope this helps!

Yes the settings you are showing would be correct for bidirectional DIO line passing.