Hi, I have a proble with the blacklisted numbers in our Digi card. After some wrong connections, the number will be included in this list and it will not be called after that. We want to clear automatically this list because currently we are doing an ATZ manually every day.
Also, We want to know how to modify the modem’s log’s size and, when there is an AT #number# the number appears like ######### and I would like to see wich number is calling every time. Is it possible?
Thanks very much

Number blacklisting is a requirement for modems to operate in certain countries which have such a regulation. Therefore, there is no way to just “clear” the list, since this is governed by regulations for that country, which we have to meet in order to sell our modem cards there. The size of the blacklist/delayed number lists are fixed and can not be modified.

I’m not sure I understand the question about the ### sign. Could you please explain this in greater detail, so that I might be able to attempt to duplicate the problem?

As you know, every modem has a joblog. Well, In this joblog, when the sentence is like “ATD…” instead to appear ATD123456789 it is appearing ATD########.
I would like to know if it is possible to change it.

About the size of the document, I am talking about this joblog. But this is no so important for me.

Thanks for your help!

How/where are you seeing this joblog? Is this an AT command you’re typing? If so, what is it?

Normally this is a system joblog:
In the modems properties, diagnostics section, on the bottom, you can select “append to Log” and then, if you press “View Log” buttom, it will appear.

The “joblog” feature you’ve described is part of the Windows operating system, not a hardware feature. I have no idea why Windows would record a dialed phone number in there as #######. I’d recommend checking Microsoft’s Knowledge Base for more info, since it is something beyond our control at the hardware/driver level.

Thanks for your help. I will try to contact with them and if I have any new, I will let you know.

You can do this by following two methods.
First one is try to reset your modem. It will wipe out all of your setting and data stored in modem. In this case you may need to configure all the settings after resetting.

The second method is, open the log of the modem’ software installation path. From there delete the log file.