Blue Screen installing DIGI one SP.


When I try to install Digi One SP seriel, I get this blue screen.

a) I have windows 7 64 Bit.
b) I have also a Windows 7 32 Bit, but I get the same result.
c) I Have downloadet the newest driver for windows 7.

I can open the program with no problems and find the Digi One, but when the installation reaches about 70% it crashes and making this blue screen.

Does anyone have the same problem as me?

This is the wrong place for this question. What does the Digi One SP have to do with Programmable ZigBee wireless radio module?

If you mean you are installing Realport driver, one possibility is a bad Ethernet driver under Windows. For example I have one PC with an older, less common Asus Q6600 motherboard and had all kinds of blue-screen issues anytime I did ‘complex’ things with Ethernet. I finally bought a $15 Intel PCI Ethernet card, disabled the Asus Ethernet port and those all vanished. Somehow the Asus driver for the motherboard’s Ethernet port was bad & crashed.