Bricked Digi IA RP

I’ve updated firmware in Digi One IA Realport but accidentally I uploaded the firmware (82000770_G2) first instead the POST image.
Now it seems it’s bricked.
When I turn it on with crossover lan cable connected, DIAG led is RED after blinking three times POWER and DTR led is green, Lan RX led is blinking.
I’ve tried ARP ping without success.
Web config is not working.
I’ve done factory reset but it didn’t helped.

Is there a way to upload 82000779_d POST image in this state?

Thanks for your help.

You are going to need to perform this operation on the Digi to recover the unit:

You will also need an older version of the firmware file to load onto the Digi that supports your older POST. This file is a few revisions back, so I’m thinking it will work for you:

If you are unable to recover the device using this method, you will need to RMA the device to have it repaired.

I’ve successfully recovered both units, thank you very much.

I used tftpd32 for tftp server (

I had to disable windows 7 built-in firewall during the process.

Thank you again