Bricked "wall router". Factory reset button does nothing. No way to connect to XCTU

My customer just purchased a “wall router” to extend the range of their network.

I was trying to use my coordinator to configure the “wall router” using OTA configuration.

This worked for a while until I made a mistake. Now the “wall router” is completely ignoring the network and I cant connect to it or change it’s configuration.

I have pressed the reset factory settings button countless times with no effect.

There is absolutely no way to physically connect a PC to the “wall router” using a serial port or USB as the “wall router” is just a sealed black plastic box with no screws to open it.

How do I restore this (brand new) “wall router” to working state?

Should I try to crack open the plastic enclosure to access the internal radio directly?
Surly this will void the warranty?

The only other option I see is to just return the routers to Digi and ask for a new ones every time something goes wrong (which seems too time consuming as this could take weeks/months and makes me feel like I cant experiment with config).

I really need help with this because my customer keeps asking for status and I don’t want to tell them that their new router is now dead and can’t be recovered.

First off, DO NOT crack the case as that WILL Void the warranty as well as the Safety approval.

There is no Factory Reset button. There is however a Commissioning button that when pressed four times in rapid secession, can issue both a Network Reset and a Restore to factory Defaults on the radio. Providing you did not disable this function (Commissioning button), that should get you out of trouble.

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