Broadcast with Xbee Zigbee Mesh


In my application I plan to activate one output in several Xbee modules simultaneous.
The total number of modules is less than 40.

I started to work with the Digi Xbee Zigbee Mesh Kit and XCTU.
I set in API operation mode one coordiantor and two routers.
I send a frame Remote AT Command Request ( 0x17 ) in broadcast transmission to activate one output in the two routers modules.

This work perfect!

But I read in Xbee Zibbee Mesh kit User Guide ( page 72 note ) that broacast messages should be used sparingly.
And more in the Digi XBee3 ZigBee User Guide ( page 306 note ) it says that Remote AT Command Request ( 0x17 ) Broadcasts are not acknowledged.

So my question is:
What is the correct way to activate one output simultaneous in several modules?


As long as you are not trying to send too often, your broadcast packet is the only way to do it.

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