How send message to all routers


I use XBP24BZ7 module! And I need send message from coordinator to all routers! How can I do it?
And how I can choose network topology?

Thank you!

Your question is too general. You need to be more specific with your query… and I think you may have query in the wrong category. Lookout for your answers in the category listed here:

There are too many duplicated questions like that, unless you are more specific with what you want to do that probably you couldn’t find an answer for.


You can set up Zigbee network for the modules and can communicate between them.

You can API frames for sending the data. Please refer the following document, which describes API Operation.


It seems you are referring to broadcast transmission. To establish broadcast transmission on the coordinator DL=FFFF and on routers DL=FFFE need to be set and all other parameters should be as default. Change pan ID using ID parameter to a unique 64-bit value and Pan ID on both Coordinator and Routers should be same. Remember Start the Coordinator first and then Routers. The above case works in AT mode for both Coordinator as well as Router.

Just be aware that each broadcast cripples the Zigbee for about 5 seconds. So you cannot broadcast to every router every second - or even every 5 seconds.

Whatever you wish to do, I should not plan on doing it faster than once per minute.