build error 127

I’m a student and I’m currently messing around with a ConnectCore 9P 9360.
At school I imported an archive file (Import > existing projects into workspace > select archive file) flawless.
However now I’m trying to work on my laptop at home. I have installed DigiESP and Net+OS 7.2 which is the same version as the one at school.
I imported the same archive file as I did at school but now when I try to build the project I get the next error:

*** [bsp/7_2/connectcore9p9360_a/lib/libbsp.a] Error 127

I can’t find the meaning of this error code and I do not see what the problem could be.
Can you please give some pointers or explain what I did wrong.

That error message isn’t particularly useful. You need to review the whole output from the console window to figure out what’s going on.

In my experience when moving a project from one PC to another, the typical problem you see is that you aren’t using the same patches as the other PC.