Burning Serial Downloader Port eFuses Effetcs on console


Due to secure boot vulnerability, NXP advises to burn SDP eFuses to completely preventing the issue.

The question is, if we burn SDP eFuses, since it manages UART and USB, do we still have access to the console ?



you have access to console but you lose SDP (ability to recover via USB)


Thank you for the answer.

Great news if we keep console access.

But I’m a bit confused with the end of your answer.
We lose SDP I agree since its corresponding eFuses is burned. After that, I don’t understand how we still have the ability to recover via USB …

Following this documentation, it’s mentioned:

Serial downloader
You can use the serial downloader boot mode for device recovery. The serial downloader allows you to download a program image to the chip through a USB or UART serial connection. When any of the standard boot modes is selected but the booting process doesn’t succeed (for instance due to wrong booting device or corrupted images) the CPU automatically jumps to the serial downloader boot mode.

If SDP eFuses is burned, how can device be recovered via USB since it’s managed by SDP ?