can any one help me out. I am trying to transmit the data from one Xbee wifi to other

I am trying to establish P2P network to transmit the data from one xbee wifi to other. using serial console I am giving input data and i want to see the same data on the another Xbee WIFI serial console but how can i transmit and receive at other end. I configured the xbee and connected to the same AP but was not able to tx and rx the data. should i set any parametrs like DestinatioN IP AND my ip AND is it necessary to connect to AP if it is P2P network
? Thak you.

Why are you not setting up the two module to work from soft AP mode or IBSS Joiner and Creator functions?

Don’t forget to set the destination address to the Hex value of your IP address of the destination node.

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Looks like i was giving the port number on the joiner side as a Hex value which should be just a number(converted value of HEX). Working good now. Thanks for your suggestion