Can Coordinator Xbee Series 1 API Mode forward packets between two End Nodes?

I am trying to set up an xbee network (series 1). The goal is to set up a network with three nodes (eventually 4) and measure packet loss in a multi-hop network.

I have used X-CTU to configure three xbees.

I want to use API mode because I want to send packets. (using API Mode 2)

I configured two of the xbees as end-nodes with association option (4).

I configured one of the nodes as a coordinator with coordinator option (4).

When I turn all the nodes on, the association works and the association light flashes 2x per second.

I connected two of the xbees to shields+arduino. I am using the arduino xbee API (by Rapp)

I am running slight permuations to the Tx and Rx examples in Rapp’s library.

My goal at the moment is just to send packets from arduino+xbee #1 (configured as an end-node)


arduino+xbee #2 (configured as an end-node) (this one has an LCD screen and displays RSSI info).

I have been able to send the packets right from #1 to #2 and measure signal strength. However, I now want to use xbee #3 connected to USB + explorer just to sit there as a coordinator and relay packets from #1 to #2. The end-goal is to separate #1 and #2 by a distance greater than max distance and put #3 in between to expand the range by being a go-between.

Does the coordinator/end node setup support this?

At the end of the day I guess I could always program the arduinos as routers (by setting up routing tables and relaying packets on the arduino). But I don’t want to do that if its already available on the xbee in hardware.

thanks for the help!

No, an 802.15.4 coordinator does not support routing or the ability to rout data from one end node to another. You need to use one of the Mesh based products for that.