Can data transmit from XBee Wifi (XB24-WF) to remote XBee Pro(XB24-ZB) ?

Can data send from XBee Wifi (XB24-WF) to remote XBee Pro(XB24-ZB) or receive data ? Any solution Please advise…

No. Why would you do that?

Perhaps write what you are trying to achieve and then someone can suggest a solution.

an XBee Gateway with WiFi is probably what you are looking for but that would just be guessing with such a limited amount of information.

Thanks for your reply,
The base unit is in the fix location so it can access to wi-fi all time but the problem is the remote unit may not able to access or connect to wi-fi in certain area! If XBee Pro(XB24-ZB) can transmit data to XBee Wi-fi then it will solve my problem! Another question, if I using 2 XBee Wi-fi, can XBee-wifi communicate and transmit data directly while remote unit are in non Wi-fi area?

Again, no you cannot use an XBee Pro with an XBee WiFi. What you would need is one of the XBee Gateways with the same type of XBee module that you will want to use in the non WiFi area.