Can digimesh communicates with zigbee end devices(door lock)?

Hi All,

I have newly started to work on xbee3 digimesh (no prior knowledge).I wan to make hub where digimesh firmware uploaded on the module. So question came in mind ,Is it possible to communicate zigbee end devices using digimesh protocol? As in document Explicit command request can be used for application profiles and clusters of end devices.

Would anyone can help for the same and better understanding?

No it is not. They are two different protocols.

Ok thanks for answer. Would you please give some suggestions how I can use digimesh network that will control the end devices (like light switch ,door lock,etc) . Or I have to use zigbee firmware and achieve hub implementation.
As digimesh protocol has more advantages than the zigbee so thought to use xbee3 digimesh in my hub to control home automation devices.

You are not going to be able to use Digi Mesh to talk to Zigbee End devices. They are talking two different languages.

If you want to communicate in Digi Mesh with Digi Mesh devices, then you would still want to use API Mode with explicit ZDO commands as to not to have to recreate everything.

Thank you for clarification. In our system end devices will be zigbee based,so I would use zigbee mesh instead of digimesh. For references I am using ansi c xbee library code. Is there any c++ api for same which i can use on linux platform?

I am not aware of any C++ libraries.