Can i build programing cable for rcm2300?


yes you can design your own cable.

How to upload the program inside rcm2300 with dynamic C 9.6?

Here’s a schematic for the programming cable:

And you can use Rabbit Field Utility (RFU) to upload compiled binaries to your hardware.

What’s the goal of building your own cable? Why aren’t you just using the existing cable?

It’s my first time used a Rabbit micropross…n i think i purchase complete, n i wrong…the cable is not inside the box.
Upload it’s mean take a program C inside the RCM, i mean upload is not bring a program C into RCM, is it true?

To program core modules based on the Rabbit 2000, you should use Dynamic C 9, which you can download from Did you get a development board with the core module (larger board with some buttons, LEDs and a power supply)? If not, you’ll need a way to power the module as well.