Can I convert a XBee64BitAddress object of the xbee python library to a string?


Im recollecting the mac addresses of my zigbee network whit a python program. The problem I have is that the addresses I get are a XBee64BitAddress object and I want them to be strings. is there anyway to convert XBee64BitAddress object into str?

Hi pablovi96

Have you tried sending AT command querying “SL” parameter? Module should respond back with lower half of address to this command.

Digi Technical Support

But for having all the conected devices address I would have to send that AT parameter to each device, would I?
I already have this addresses in XBee64BitAddress objects the only thing I want is to save it in other variable type like bits, int or string.


It was a list of XBee64BitAddress objects so I had to save in diferent vaiables and then do str(variable).

silly fail on my part…