Can I get RX packet via X-CTU


I am new to Xbee, and I am using the module to do my academic project.

I wonder if I can view the receive packet that contains the source address with the transmitter’s API mode on.

If not, can I still read that from the output of Xbee.

Last but not least, is the API Tx structrue can be automatically generated by Xbee, or I should use a microcontroller to build it.

Many thanks!

Where you are talking to xbee in api mode, you need to use microcontroller to build the packet… Apart from that you can see received packet in the X-CTU – Terminal… Here click Hex, you will also see hex received data and sent data in the terminal window


Thanks for your reply. Now I get what you mean.

I also wonder if I enable the DIO pins on an xbee, what are pin2 and pin3 - UART data in and UART data out for? What’s the difference between DIO line passing and UART?

Thank you

On UART you can do asynchronous serial communication with the xbee module.

Where DIO line passing can be used to sense the Digital Input change and send it over RF.

thanks for your help! I am doing my final year project with xbee which is causing a headache!

learing …