Can I increase the output power with an external trigger / power amp

Hello forum,

I am using Xbee Pro 2.4 digimesh with firmware 804b @ 18dB (63mW) and what I would like to know is whether or not I can increase the output power? I read up on the datasheet and on other forums but did not find anything about this except one guy who removed the can on the back and directly modified the hardware (the power amp). It would be preferential if I could set an I/O pin to trigger additional power amplification or some sort of external power amp.

My modules work great until I go slightly out of line of sight (behind a building) which is why I ask about power amplification.

I know that the 900 MHz gives better range but from the datasheet it only goes up to 17dB. If additional power amplification can work with the digimesh 900 as well then great!

Somehow though I have a feeling that what i desire cannot be done or else there would likely be some documentation of this.

Very much appreciate any response. But no spammers please.