XBee CH 26 and DigiMesh

I have finally figured out the reason the PP (Output power in dBm) has been changing from 13 (HIGHEST PL Setting) to 8 when I applied my PROFILE. It has to do with CH 0x1A (or 26 or 2.480) in DigiMesh.

Is it accurate to say then that on CH 26, the highest power setting allowed is MEDIUM or 8 or does it go deeper than that where there may be more features that are inoperable on CH 26?

I really wanted to use CH 26 along with CH 25 at the HIGHEST Power Level so that I had to worry less about working around busy WiFi channels. The environment will be changing day to day moving from venue to venue.

No, you are correct. Channel 26 is limited to 8dBm to maintain out of band emissions.

Thank you for your response!