How to improve range of Xbee Series 1 with DigiMesh FW? (ok with 802.15.4 FW)

I have several Xbee Pro S1 modules. With the 802.15.4 FW they work well, with range outdoors of about 1.5Km. That’s very nice.

I have started testing Digimesh Firmware (last version), and my tests fail with hops with distances over 150m. Using XCTU SW to debug, I discovered that modules with digimesh FW are not able to create links if RSSI is worse than aprox. -70dBm (with 802.15.4 links are ok until -95dBm aprox).

Is this making any sense? Why this huge difference in range/sensibility only by changing FW?

My modules are all the same model: XBP24-ASI 001 revE. I have assumed that these modules of year 2011 are able to run Digimesh firmware.

Thank you for your support

Yes they are capable but you may need to adjust the clear channel assessment command.

Hi there!

I’m having kind of the same issue. Did you find out what the problem was?

CCA parameter has something to do here as the other answer suggested?