can I send firmware myself?

I am not thrilled by the idea of forcing users to find a windows box to run the X-CTU program on in order to update their xbee’s to the proper firmware. I would like to provide this function within the program that then talks to them. I dont see any information on actually sending firmware to the device other than through X-CTU anywhere.

If the X-CTU source is open anywhere it could be ported to Mac and Linux, but just some guidance on the procedure for sending a firmware update would be enough.

Thank you!

Hi PlanetaryGear,

I spent some time looking up the information, but I think it requires a NDA before Digi can provide it to you. If this hasn’t deterred you, please contact a Digi sales representative or email Jared Hofhiens at

Good luck!

If you’re trying to send ZB firmware through a Digi gateway, the capability exists to do this in the latest 2.9 firmware.