Can i use xbee and connect to CC2531 USB Stick

i want to use xbee pro s2c as an end device (or router) and connect to CC2531 USB Stick as a coordinator that connect with raspberry i do that? please help me to find the answer. thank you very much.

You need to set the XBee module’s ZS to 2.

thank you mr.mvut
and the next question is what is the format of the data that send to CC2531 USB Stick.
for my project, i use CC2531 USB Stick connect with raspberry pi and i want to create the HA device by using Xbee module (that i told u before i used xbee pro s2c) as a router or end device.
Please help.
thank you very much

Hi Varawut

We have an article available at below provided link that might answer your queries:

Digi Support

Thank you for your answers
For my project, i want to send data (API Frame as i know is Explicit Addressing Zigbee Command Frame ?) from Xbee Pro S2C module as router / end device to CC2531 USB Stick. i want to copy the format of HA devices(such as Aqara,Xioami) to Xbee Pro S2C module.
if someone has knowledge about this question please help
thank you.