Can more serial ports (8 or 16) be added to the RCM4200 or RCM4300?

Can external UARTs be connected to the RCM4300/4300 external bus to add more serial ports? Will Dynamic C 10 support these? Is there another way of adding serial ports? I need a minimum of 12 ports, where the modules only provide 4 or 5.

On the old RCM2100 is was possible to connect 16450 UARTS to the external bus and Dynamic C 7 supported them. I am hoping a similar solution exists for RCM4200.

It might still be possible. Most of the libraries and samples from Dynamic C 7/8/9 are also present in Dynamic C 10.

I didn’t find any references to 8250, 16450 or 16550 in Dynamic C 10.72A, but that’s probably just because there wasn’t a library or sample code specifically demonstrating how to do it.

Do you recall where that Dynamic C 7 code was located? You should be able to port that code over to Dynamic C 10 without much difficulty.

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