Firmware upgrading/bootloader for RCM4000 series

We wish to be able to update RCM4000 code over Ethernet. Does a bootloader and example code exist for this, for Dynamic C 10?

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Dynamic C 10 includes a “Remote Program Update” feature for the following boards: RCM4200, RCM43xx, RCM44xxW, RCM54xxW, RCM56xxW, RCM5750, BL4S1xx, RCM66xxW and RCM67xx.

Consider targeting one of those products instead of using the RCM4000, and then look at the samples in Samples/RemoteProgramUpdate for examples. I’d recommend the RCM4200, one of the RCM43xx boards, or one of the Rabbit 6000-based boards.

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I have RCM4210 and cannot run any “Remote grogram Update” sample. I keep getting “buInstallFirmware is not compatible with this hardware.” error

Please help


Sorry, the RCM4210 has a different memory configuration than the RCM4200, and does not support the Remote Program Update feature. I’ve updated my answer to indicate that not all RCM42xx series boards work with that feature.