RCM4210 remote program update

got error “line 3853 : ERROR BOARD_UPDATE.LIB: buInstallFirmware is not compatible with this hardware.” when compiling the sample code.

However, the document “http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/022-0144_C.pdf” said CRM4200 it is supported the remote program update.

I have CRM 4210 has 4M serial flash.

Can anyone help?
thank you

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Both the RCM4200 and RCM4210 store and boot firmware from a 512KB parallel flash chip. The serial flash on both products holds data only.

On the RCM4200, the BIOS copies firmware from the parallel boot flash into a dedicated 512KB SRAM and executes from there with fewer wait states than it can when executing from the parallel flash. Because the firmware executes from SRAM, the Remote Program Update (RPU) library can overwrite the parallel boot flash. Note that on the RCM4200 there is a small failure window where power loss/reset during an update will leave the board in an unbootable (“bricked”) state.

As a reduced cost product, the RCM4210 lacks the 512KB SRAM for execution (and reduces the 8MB serial data flash to 4MB). That’s why it the RPU library doesn’t support it.

Note that RPU supports the RCM5750, which also runs firmware from parallel flash. In that case, it uses a custom “mini loader” with memory mapping tricks to copy 12KB of code to RAM and then execute that code to erase and overwrite the parallel boot flash. But there are enough differences from the RCM4210 that it would require a significant engineering effort to adapt that code to the RCM4210.

If you require RPU functionality, you need to switch to the RCM4200 or another supported module (like the RCM4310 or RCM4320) that meets your other design requirements.

Our firm ware is currently runs on RCM4210. is RCM4320 compatible with RCM4210? What are the changes to switch to RCM4310?

Thank you


You would need to make a list of the RCM4210 hardware features you’re making use of, and confirm that the RCM4320 includes them. The RCM4320 is pin-compatible with the RCM4210.