Remote Program (RPU)

I need to remotely program or update the software an RCM3720.
Any samples available?
Could you help to modify if this is possible the Remote program of the RCM3300?


There aren’t any samples to accomplish your goal. I think the RCM3300 remote update worked because the BIOS copies the program from flash to RAM on startup, and executes from RAM. If you’re executing from RAM, you have more options for loading a stored program.

In Dynamic C 10, the Remote Program Update feature was able to maintain two firmware images on the serial flash, and boot into either on startup by selecting image A or image B as the source that it copies to RAM for execution.

The RCM3720 runs its code from flash, and there isn’t an easy way to update that. In addition, a failed update results in a “bricked” device that can no longer boot.

Scott Henion of SHDesigns had options for doing remote updates over Ethernet, but I don’t now whether his DLM (Download Manager) supported the RCM3720, or how difficult it will be to integrate it into your software.

The best option I can recommend is to use the Rabbit Field Update (RFU) program to reprogram modules in the field using the 10-pin programming header.

Note that the RCM3720 was announced “end of life” last July, and Digi is no longer manufacturing it. The RCM4300 and RCM67xx series boards are still in production, and both support the Remote Program Update feature from Dynamic C 10.

Thanks for your answer
With the line that you say if it works for me
They are working remotely and I cannot update with RFU since there are quite a few and in different places.
Scott Henion has told me that he doesn’t work anymore.
Can someone help me to solve this. I have some software that I think might work, but I need some help.
Best regards

Creating a remote update program for the RCM3720 will be non-trivial.

You need to write a stand-alone function that you can copy to and execute from RAM, which has all necessary functions to read the new firmware image (likely from the serial flash) and write it out to the parallel boot flash. If the user interrupts the process, they’ll end up with a partial copy of the firmware which won’t work.

And you’ll still have the problem of needing to get your initial version installed on the remote hardware, before it will have the “remote update” functionality baked in.

At one point I modified the “cloning” feature (which allows for connecting two device’s programming ports so one can bootstrap the other and copy its own firmware across) so I could call it from within my application and use an alternate serial port. That way, users of this handheld device could update each other in the field. I then wrote a program on the PC to emulate the cloning protocol and used that as a way to “seed” the devices with new firmware.

Again, a non-trivial project that probably took 100 hours to complete, including the UI to launch into cloning and writing the command-line PC program that uploaded the firmware.

Tom, Thank you !!

It is possible that you can provide me with Dynamic C 8.51 or 8.30 or its libraries.?
surely you must have it.


I would like to see if someone on the forum can provide me or sell DLM (Download Manager)Scott Henion’s SHDesigns .
I have contacted Scott, he told me that he is not working
The demo (Demo.bin) works for the RCM3720 but I need the DLM to include it in my software. This demo is a bin and also is not complete. But if it works.
Can someone who has it help me?

Thank you so much!!!