can not find XCTUcmd


Just install latest version from XCTU on macos:
Version: 6.2.0
Build ID: 20150508-6

But I can not find the XCTUcmd.

like stated on

not in:

also not in other directories on the computer.

Can somebody please tell me where I can find this command line application so I can update the firmware of the XBee PRO S2B from the commandline, so I can automate this. (I know this can also be done in the XCTU GUI)

Thanks in advance,


Hello Jasper,

This appears to be a function that was supported on the older versions of X-CTU (5.x.x.x) and was supposed to be implemented on the 6.x versions. However, I have tested this as well and have found the results to be the same as you have described (this being on a Windows machine).

I will contact the software engineers and let them know that this reference is made in the documentation so that a resolution can be made (either take the reference out of the documentation or, more preferably, they add the functionality to the program.

Thank you for catching that.

Digi Support