Can the RCM4700 handle EtherCAT communications (as a slave)?

We currently use the RCM3100 to control a label application machine. We are working on the “next gen” controller and would like to take advantage of the Dynamic C code that we already have. We are also looking for a controller that can interface with EtherCAT (ADS / TwinCAT 3). It looks like the RCM4700 might be able to handle that. Can someone verify that for me?

I think the key word is “might”. You would need to write a considerable amount of code to support EtherCAT in the lower layers of the Ethernet driver code.

You would be better off exploring hardware solutions with EtherCAT support “out of the box” so you can focus on developing your application instead of low-level protocol drivers.

Dynamic C 10.72 is closer to ANSI C90/C99 compliance than prior versions, but due to its quirks and inability to default all pointers to “far”, it will still require considerable effort to port an EtherCAT driver to the platform.

Thank you for the response. It is what I expected. I’ll look for some other solution that can communicate to another slave through a protocol that the RCM4700 does handle and link the two that way.