Can the XBee 3 modules be switched between the various protocols?

We are looking at using an XBee 3 module in a design. Our primary path is to use ZigBee, but we would like the option of using BLE. Is BLE available on a XB3-24Z8CM-J (a ZigBee protocol device)?

There are statements which suggest I could use the XCTU utility to change the protocols (I assume through a firmware update), so can I “change” a ZigBee unit into an 802.15.4 unit? (The 802.15.4 does describe having BLE available via a software command.)

Also, if we do get a “PRO” version with the transmit higher power, can it be operated at the lower power without a substantial increase in current?


Yes you can switch between the Digi Mesh, Zigbee and 802.15.4 firmware versions.

Yes, all three firmware protocol options do support the use of the BLE interface in the XBee 3 product.

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