Cannot connect to DigiMesh network through Arduino

I have a couple XBees (Model:S2CTH). These are DigiMesh devices. One is in a light, one is in controller made for the light, and one is connected to an Arduino. I am trying to get the one in the Arduino to join the network and send messages to the light. The XBee in the light and the one in the controller form a network and can communicate. I have configured the settings of all the XBees to match. I can connect to the Arduino XBee on XCTU but I cannot discover the network.

The Arduino is connected to the XBee according to these instructions: I can read the settings of the XBee in XCTU when it connects but if I try to read them again with the read button everything goes haywire and I get a bunch of errors. (Maybe this issue is linked?)

Is there anything I am missing? I have tried switching out the XBee devices and they work with everything but the Arduino.

The situation gets even weirder. The XBee on the Arduino is actually connected to the network. I can see messages sending in the terminal. However, the software still does not recognize that the XBee is in the network. Also the terminal is laggy and does not collect the full package. I confirmed that I am using the correct BAUD rate.

Is your radio that is having issues in API mode or transparent mode?

Is your Terminal Showing the Hex option of the data being sent?

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Thank you mvut!. I changed the AP variable to “API Mode With Escapes [2]” and I was able to discover the network.