Gateway Not Connecting to XBEE DigiMesh Network

I’m trying to get a few XBEE DigiMesh XB24 modules connected together with a XBEE Gateway. The 3 XB24 modules are communicating together fine and discoverable on XTCU Network Operating Mode through a USB Explorer, but no matter what I try, the Gateway won’t connect as another node in the network. I have unchecked the “Coordinator” box so it acts just like another router, i’ve tried entering the network’s PAN ID, but it just doesn’t connect, and seems like it isn’t taking the PAN ID. Seems to go back to 0xffff instead of 0x7fff like I need it to.

please advise

Have you verified that XBee gateway is having similar DigiMesh module variant inside it? If its not, then they might not be over-the-air compatible with each other.