Can't change debuggers - license issue

I’ve been using my GreenHills Multi 3.5 permanent license with the Raven debugger, but I’d like to try a Jeeni that I have in-house instead. If I try, I get a message that a license can’t be located for rdiserv. What’s up?

GreenHills permanent license keys are, indeed, specific to either the Raven or the Jeeni. If you wish to make a permanent change, contact GreenHills offers an option that must be separately purchased to support both debuggers.

As it appears there’s been some confusion here such that You would need to contact Green Hills sales office not NetSilicon at The NetSilicon license address is for the MIB compiler only. Green Hills license requests need to go to Green Hills. In addition to this you can also request permanent Jeeni license up front if that is what you want from the beginning.