Can't connect to Cisco Router behind Portserver TS MEI 4 via Telnet

I have a little problem with a Portserver TS MEI 4 and the cisco routers, which are conncted to it. Everything has been tested in our lan and works fine. The access by telnet and ssh was successful.

Now the terminalserver is connected in our wan. If i try to connect on the console ports via telnet, i get the login prompt of the cisco. After typing in the login name and hit the enter button, i get an “Authentification failed” because the password prompt is skipped. It seems that the Enter command is executed twice :frowning:

Any suggestions what goes wrong?

Best regards

Dominik Keppner

Here are a couple of knowledge base articles that may explain this behavior and provide workarounds:


Windows Telnet:

Basically, it sounds as though the telnet/ssh client you are using is sending carriage return and line feed.

Thanks for your reply. The problem, which is described at the two FAQs is the same thing we are experiencing at the moment. Unfortunately we are using Mac OS X, where we can’t set those parameters :frowning:
If the portserver is connected directly to a notebook every is okay. Now it in one of our computer centres and we can’t login by wan connection. :frowning:

I don’t know anything about MAC O.S. (UNIX person), however you could try turning off the value within telnet. If you can get to a telnet prompt or settings, try to make sure the crlf option is set to false:

crlf Determines how carriage returns are sent. If the value is TRUE, then carriage returns will be sent as . If the value is FALSE, then carriage returns will be send as . The initial value for this toggle is FALSE.

With regards to the WAN connection, are you able to ping the unit? What exactly happens when you try to login?