Can't connect to windows server 2008 r2 via console port.

Our devices are in Russia. All of the windows distribs are Russians.
When i try to connect to windows machine by “SAC GUI Access” i always recieve this message:
Unable to get Microsoft Special Administration Console (SAC) paging command response from the connected system.
And port logs after that:
аЁб‚б€аАаНаИб‡аНб‹аЙ аОаБаМаЕаН аВаКаЛбŽб‡аЕаН.

Like the digi does not understand the language or there is a difference in syntax.
Is there any solution to resolve this problem or Digi Passport doesn’t support windows distribs higher 2003?
Thanks in advance!

The language may be an issue. Is the unit on the latest firmware?

If so, you might want to contact Digi to determine whether the Russian language is supported and if not, request support.