Can't reset MY, DH, DL back to zero once are non-zero.

We have about 40 XBees many of which are 1-3 years old. We have been able to update them to the latest firmware version (10ef). But we are finding about half of them won’t let us set the MY, DH or DL back to be zero. The rest seem to set us change back and forth without problem. We change it to zero and write to the flash it seems like it works, but when we refresh the value in xctu we see that the value didn’t actually change. If we reflash the chip without keeping the same parameters we also see we can’t set the values back to 0. That is obviously a problem as we lose 16-bit functionality once DH is set to a non-zero value.

Anyone seen a problem like this? Any idea how to fix it? We are using XCTU 6.1.0 build 20131213-3.


OK, we seem to have found our own answer. That version of xctu appears to be utterly borked. 6.2 works as expected (though we need to do more testing).