MY - DL values

Apparently even though 0 is considered a value. I heard that it is not recommended to be used, as such = 0 or =0
Can anyone confirm this.
Also, is it OK to use =1 =1 on 2 units if one is used as a transmitter and the other a receiver.



Yes, I have also done that it is the same in the past.
I did the same setup as three IEEE802.15.4 modules, and sent the message from each.
It is MY=0, DH=, and DL=0.

Because, when communicating in the state which has purchased IEEE802.15.4 module, it confirmed what occurs and extorted it.

The character sent from one module was sent into two modules.
That is, it is the same behavior as Broadcast.
However, this phenomenon was not always necessarily successful.

I think that it is a very interested phenomenon.
However, although for what kind of reason such usage has a problem does not know, I do not think that this will actually be applied to its own equipment.