MY-Address wont allow me to change it

Hey all, I am using two XBees in XCTU and both of the MY addresses in each one are only read-only parameters.

I can’t changes their addresses, or even write anything in the parameter. It just says 0. Both of them have the same PAN ID, are in AT mode, and updated to the latest firmware version.

I need to find a way to fix this to get them to communicate analog input values over 2 different Arduino’s.

Anyone know how to fix this? Does this have anything to do with whether they are a coordinator, router, AT, or API mode?

Which version of xctu are you using? I had a similar problem (couldn’t set to 0) using 6.1, but 6.2 seems to work.

I’m using 6.2 :frowning:

The problem is its set to 0 but I can’t change it.