CAT M1 Updates remove basic PPP function in Bypass mode.

Good people at Digi,

On the Cat M1 modules PPP was working fine until the last update to 11410. This update included a cellular update. Now, PPP connections can no longer be established with the Updated M1 module. The previous versions are no longer available via XCTU. We have a version 1140F and a 11410. The earlier firmware can establish a PPP connection. The later firmare cannot Please indicate what was changed and how to work around this. This problem is also in the CAT1 LTE module. PPP has never worked in CAT1 LTE. Please also indicate how to work around the LTE PPP problem as well. Thanks.

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The 11410 Did not update the cellular component. If you are in Bypass mode, there should be no difference between 11410 and any previous firmware.

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Modules in our systems experienced the same problem. M1 and LTE are unable to support a PPP connection. I have not found any work around. It is possible that somewhere in the uBlox AT command set there is a way to re enable this or set it up prior to connection with AT commands.