PPP over UART on Xbee 3 Cat 1?

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Hi, I have a Campbell Scientific CR300 datalogger that can talk PPP over serial. I also have an Xbee 3 Cat 1 modem. The doc for the modem suggests I can only do PPP over USB, though an older brochure suggests it supports PPP over serial. Can I set up the Xbee 3 Cat 1 to talk PPP over the UART/serial interface? I understand that I should not use “bypass” mode.

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Mike Kelly


The radio by default will create either a TCP or UDP connection to the specified IP address and port number. If your device can create a PPP connection over this without having to issue linux or Windows based Modem connection command, then I don’t see why not.

Bypass mode is deprecated, but still functional (Set ATAP=5).

USB direct is the recommended way of accessing the modem.
The modem over USB will enumerate multiple serial ports. There will be one that exposes the AT command interface.
The documentation goes over how to use the feature: