Which Xbee cellular modem can be used with `pppd` for a ppp connection on Linux?

Our decision to move ahead with a Digi modem will depend on ability to integrate the modem with pppd on Linux.

The two Digi offerings that we’re looking at are:


From what we’ve read so far, it seems like:

The Digi XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1 modem requires either a serial driver that pppd can interact with, or we may be able to configure a Linux host UART to speak with the XBEE UART - and then see if theres a ppp mode that pppd can interact with. Would you know if this modem supports ppp in that way?

The Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE CAT 1 modem seems to provides a USB port that we can directly point pppd to. If so, this would give us speed and easier Linux integration - which may be why the web page mentions easy ppp integration. Would you also know if this assumption is true?

If both modems support Linux integration via pppd, would there be other advantages of one vs the other?

All of the XBee Cellular options can interact directly with Linux PPP. Simply put the XBee in bypass mode and then use the Linux drivers as normal for any network connection.