CC-wi.Imx53 power


On the cc-wi.imx53 kit, what is the voltage of VCHRG? there is a chip LM22676TJE-ADJ on the CHARGER part, what is the differents between LM22676TJE-ADJ and LM22676-ADJ?
from the LM22676-ADJ manual, I know that the chip output is 1.3V highest, this will not driver the LTC3125EDCB chip(5V REGULATOR) which input is 1.8V lowest.

Hello, Are you facing any issue with the board?
Pls go through the CCWi-i.MX53 HRM at the below link

Here you can check voltage details.

Hi cpigilam
yes, I want to know the chip LM22676TJE-ADJ output voltage, this can not find in the CCWi-i.MX53 HRM, would you please tell me?


Hi, In the HRM Digi will not provide each component information.
It seems the output voltage from this regulator is 5volts.
If you want to check LM22676TJE-ADJ information

Pls check the CCWi-i.MX53 development board schematic at the below link
In this document , you can see how did they connect LM22676TJE-ADJ
on the board.I hope it helps you.