CC6 based system. WiFi access.

We have hardware designed around the CC6 module.

The application is running in the field and rarely has access to the internet so remote manager etc is impractical.

In order to upload our application we are currently using the USB port and connecting from the QT dev environment which is working well.

We want to take our platform to the next level i wish to:
1 - Bring up and enable the cc6 wifi as an access point, not bridged but only serving access to the local file structure over ssh.
2 - Using ssh, stop the application.
3 - Transfer a new application and or config and data files to the file system.
4 - reboot ( with wifi disabled - default state )

I’m open to doing this over a bluetooth link as an alternative.

I’m a bit behind the curve as our lead developer on this project left for a new opportunity!

all the tools you need to accomplish this is already there. You should be able to just do it. might need to add an ftp server if you don’t have it already to transfer new firmware.
what exactly is your question?