CCXP not working on custom development board


I designed a custom board for the ConnectCore XP 270 module with peripherals like USB, Ethernet and Compact Flash.
As I am using the standard UART for console messages, I edited the file ccxp.h, which is part of U-Boot. I changed the line
That’s basically all I need to do, right?
Building and flashing the new uboot image went smoothly.
Sadly I do not get any console output, I think something is preventing the processor from booting.
Are there any general hints apart from the design checklist in the ccxp manual?
Do I have to consider changing GPIO or other low level settings?
Maybe someone has an advice for me before I go into detail :slight_smile:


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Does the module boots fine with the new u-boot firmware ,when in the dev board? You can’t see console, but you can stil hook up a scope to the new serial lines, or if set to autoboot from FLASH, ping or telnet the board after it boots? If it boots in dev board - you have HW problem on your own board. If it doesn’t ,then you have a software problem.