Change XB9B-XC to API operation


I am trying to use remote I/O with XB9B-XC with firmware 3114

I am having trouble figuring out how to change to API mode… ATAP 1 gives an error, I read that the firmware must be changed? but can’t seem to figure out which to change to.
What can I do? maybe I have selected the wrong module?

These are: XB9B-XCST-002 Rev R with 3114 firmware.


The XSC code does not offer API mode.

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Thank you! so my question changes:

How can I set up the I/O on these?
how can I query that remote I/O on several remotes from a ‘master’ in AT mode?
If this just can’t be done, what 900 MHZ module should I have requested?
Is this possible with an alternate firmware?