Change xbee network state RCI

Hey. Can anyone tell me how could I change a xbee network state from a RCI command.

I already know how to change settings parameters by the set_setting command, but I can’t change others network configurations, such as net_addr, parent_addr, etc.

Is it possible or I’m wrong?

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These links from our Digi Python mediawiki should be useful to you:

Michaelt, thanks for the reply.
I read the documentation available in RCI Specification, and there is a part that mention about send AT commands to Xbee devices. The commands should be sent with and subcommand followed by the AT command. But I’ve been received the response “Unknow subcommand hint radio_command”. I’m using a Connectport X2 and I’m sending the requests with cURL. All others requests in the documentation worked quite well, only this one didn’t.

Any idea?

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Could you please post the example you sent? A command response saying “hint” might be an indicator that your formatting is wrong or something, but it sounds like you’re close.

Hey michaelt. This’s an example that I sent to my xbee radio.

In this case I want to get the Destination high address. But I caught the same reply.
radio_commandUnknown subcommand.

As I mentioned, I’m sending this request through cURL.

Any Idea?

Thanks again.

Give this a try: