Changing XStick X24-ZB to X24-DM

Hello All

I am new to this technology so this may be a stupid question but here goes…

I have an XStick with X24-ZB firmware. I am trying to use it to communicate with some Lego robots with NXTBee’s and I have been told that I need to use X24-DM firmware in the XStick.

I have connected to the XStick using X-CTU and it reads the firmware as X24-ZB. When I tried to load the X24-DM firmware but I get various error messages about checksums, unable to communicate and so on.


  1. Is it possible to change the firmware of an XStick to X24-DM using X-CTU?
  2. If Yes - Is there a good instruction tutorial anywhere?
  3. If No - How do I talk to X24-DM devices on the NXTBees? Do I need a different XStick?


You cannot convert a ZigBee XStick to DM. The ZB and DM firmware/stack require different processors.

Digi does not sell an XStick for DM, but you have 2 choices:

  1. if this is a permanant need, look at the ‘USB’ adapters on this page:

This is NOT the big black case, but the small tear-drop case as shown on this image running on USB power:

  1. for temporary use, you can place any DM Xbee into a Digi XBIB (USB dev board) or any third party USB-XBee board.

Be aware that if you place the DM Xbee in ‘API’ mode, then you can also use XCTU to do remote management of your remote DM nodes (very useful!). However you cannot reflash remotely: