XStick: Unable to communicate with modem

Hello digi-experts,

I could not communicate with the XStick2 ZB .

After an web update I wrote an new firmeware to the XStick. Since that time, I’m not able to communicate with the XStick

The Stick appears in the device manager as com-Port and as USB serial converter. Both have no errors.

If I try to test the com-Port I got the following message:

Action Required
Unable to communicate with modem.
Verify com port then perform action belwo or Cancel.


  1. Press and release resetSwitch. Dialog Box should close wthin 10 seconds afterswitch is related

My settings are

Baud “9600”
Flow control “None”
Data Bits “8”
Parity “None”
Stop bit “1”
Enable API “not checked”
Timeout “1000”
Command Character " + (ASCII) / 2B (Hex)"
Guard Time Before “1000”
Modem Flash Update “not checked”

I also tryed another baudrate, and i tested nearly every combination.
But I could not fix that Problem.

I use X-CTU (I think this is the newst version)
and I have installed the newest driver (which I found in this forum).

I also found a post, where the Xbee could be reseted by pulling the Pin 13 down . But I can’t reach the chip, withot destroying the chassis.

My qustion is, what’s wrong.

kind regards

Hey it seems that when you written the firmware to the X-Stick, something wrong happened and now X-Stick is inaccessible. Try writing the new firmware at 115200 baud and take care of appropriate modem type and write the function set as coordinator. Lets see what happens.

Dear shahrj1988,

thx for your reply.

I’ve test your advice, but I’m not able to write any firmware to the Stick.

I used the modem type XB24-ZB and XBP24-ZB. I think that are the convenient types for the XStick2 ZB (I didn’t found any reference in the documentation). At the first time the modem type XG24-ZB was compatible to the Xstick.
I also tried every other coordinator configuration without an result.

If I would write the firmware update to the Stick, I get the following response:

Getting modem type…Failed to enter command mode
Check Com Port and Baud settings and try again.
Write Parameters…Failed

How could I reset or flash the Stick directly, without the X-CTU program?

kind regards

i have the same problem with this stick, any suggestion?


Did you solve problem, Xstick fails test/query on X-CTU? Having the same problem here.

Yes, I have the same question after I set my Xstick ZB to ZIGBEE END DEVICE AT. Now I cannot set it back to coordinator. Can anybody tell me how to reset the dongle?

Did you try with Baud rate 115200?
Still if you are seeing the same issue, create an online support request at the below link, http://www.digi.com/support/eservice/login.jsp ,Digi technical folks will help you to solve your issue

Hi chrisK,

If your issue is resolved please update the forum so that other users of the forum can use your solution to solve their issue.