XStick and X-CTU (End Device Function Set)

I’m using X-CTU to program my XStick with ZB24-SE profiles…

The XStick works when I program it with the Coordinator API function set, but the XStick becomes unresponsive (with a constant on yellow light) when I program it with an Endpoint API function set.

Anyone seeing this?

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I’m experiencing the same problem. As soon as I migrated from the XB24-B firmware, the Coordinator continuted to respond and communicate, but the End Device is now unresponsive. Also, I’m not able to re-flash this particular unit at all—even with “button mashing,” which doesn’t sound like a prefered solution. When connected near the Coordinator, the association and on LED’s are blinking indicating data transfer. Also, when the Coordinator is unplugged, the blinking stops.

In previous firmware I have seen problems where the Coordinator is too busy receiving information to actually respond back to the X-CTU application, but never the END DEVICES. Additionally, once removed from the availablity of radio signals the Coordinator again became responsive.

I have written customer support concerning this and hopefully will find that it’s my code, a documentation misunderstanding, or a simple error such as digital sampling causes communication/programming issues. However, I must admit, I was a bit discouraged to see that others are having similar issues and would not be surprised if this unit will need to be returned. When I hear back from customer service, I will ammend this post with any useful information.

Okay, I was finally able to fix it following by slightly modifiying a suggestion I found on the web:

*Make sure that under PC settings in X-CTU the baud rate is set to 9600, no flow control, data bits 1, no parity, and 1 stop bit. I did not select API.

  1. Put XBee module into USB board and plug into computer
  2. Start up X-CTU and switch to the modem configuration tab
  3. Select “Always update firmware”
  4. Under modem select “XBP24-B”
  5. Under function set select “ZNET 2.5 COORDINATOR AT”
  6. For firmware version select 1047
  7. Press the application’s “Write” button
  8. When the X-CTU dialog button pops up asking to reset the module, reset the XBee module using the commissioning button. (*note: The web fix said to do this by turning over the XBee module and sticking an unraveled paper clip through the two holes marked “GND” and “RST” which I would avoid if possible).
  9. The firmware should start to load

Sure enough, the firmware update began and I was able to again see and set my parameters. Additionally I was able to update the unit to API firmware and continue modem communication once enabling the API functionality under the PC mode settings, however I had to follow all of these steps explicitly.

Hope this helps.

I don’t understand; how did u do this?

  1. When the X-CTU dialog button pops up asking to reset the module, reset the XBee module using the commissioning button

when the X-Stick has no commissioning button to it.
I’ve an X-Stick that is bricked and I’m suppose to fix it, trying to figure out how still currently.
It kept prompting the msg “Press The Reset Button”; which forces me to take the X-Stick apart and ground the reset leg. Still didn’t work… :frowning: